2019 Leadership Lab Schedule

These Leadership Labs are not podcasts disguised as learning. Each Lab is a two-way exchange that spans three weeks, beginning and ending with an interactive videoconference.

The time between the opening and closing sessions includes enough reading, listening, watching, workshopping, writing — and if you wish, peer evaluation and phone time with one of the Lab Trainers — to let you know you’ve really done something.

…Continued from Jim Henderson Leadership Labs

January: Communication: Manage your reactivity and minimize misunderstandings

Key Text: Radical Candor by Kim Scott

Leaders will identify their personal avoidance /dominance strategies and practice bringing specificity to conversations with those they lead

February: Listening: Listening is the mark of a leader

Key Text: Radical Candor by Kim Scott

Leaders will practice out-listening others and inviting critique from the people they supervise.

March: Emotional Labor: Experience the work of defining yourself and staying connected

Key Text: A Failure of Nerve by Edwin Friedman

Leaders will practice identifying and disrupting toxic triangles and cultivating healthy triangles.

April: Power: Power is at the center of every human interaction

Key Text: The Power Paradox Dacher Keltner

Depending on where they fall on the power continuum, leaders will practice acquiring power, managing power or giving power away to those they supervise.

May: Focus: Expand your effectiveness by narrowing your focus

Key Text: The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout

Leaders will practice saying no to opportunities that aren’t part of their mission.

June: Influence: If you want to get heard you have to get a hearing

Key Text: Expand Your Influence by Jim Henderson and Jeff Smith

Leaders will discover the limits of their personal influence and practice expanding it without becoming someone they don’t like.

July: Crossing Domains: travel to new places in your leadership thought life

Key Text: Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson

Leaders will practice the critical art of thinking a thought they’ve never thought before by borrowing (stealing) from the creativity of innovators in business, sports, music, spirituality, cartography and biology.

August: Leaders v. Leadership: What does leadership looks like? What do leaders do?

Key Text: Acts of Leading by Jim Henderson

What if we don’t need more Leaders, what if what need is more leadership? What if a lot of people are already acting like leaders but going unnoticed? Leaders will practice the art of noticing leadership that’s already taking place around them. They will also learn how inspire and encourage more of it.

September: Curiosity: It might kill cats but it could also save humanity

Key Text: The Three Practices by Jim Henderson

Leaders will practice being unusually interested in others and generously dispensing the most important asset any leader has – attention!

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